Luke Van Zeeland

Sales Professional

He only uses half the wheels available and you still can't catch him. Find Luke on our customer rides leading the pack of speed demons or on the sales floor talking about it. When he isn't here you might find him fishing, hunting, or using a motor to its maximum potential.


Nick Van Zeeland

Sales Manager

Nick leads us with actions and motivates us with reminders that we can all become something more every day. He has circumnavigated the sun with Team Winnebagoland 20 times and there isn't anyone we would rather follow into battle. He is a shark on the basketball court but at home they call him dad.


Chad Hansen

Sales Professional

Chad Hansen is a family ATV man turned Winnebagoland. We recruited him from the customer reserves for his extensive knowledge in the industry and his dad-like reflexes for knowing what people need. His GENERAL holds the key to his heart but he also wants to make it perfectly clear that he is married


Jerel Williams

Sales Professional

Jerel makes the Fresh Prince of Bel Air look like a wet noodle. He taught himself how to ride with a Z125 and he didn't even die. One time he talked to me about basketball but he didn't know any better so I let it slide. If you want to work with someone who will take your side very time, talk to Jerel.


Cavin Burnard

Digital Product Specialist

Hailing from the East Coast, Cavin joins the Sales squad as the mastermind behind all digital communication. The son of a preacher man, and once a master of masonry; Cavin can also build a bridge and get over it - as you could say. Next time you message us on Facebook, be sure to give him a "wicked" hello in his native Bostonian tongue.


Casey Blasczyk

Sales Bro-fessional

The year is 1912. Casey returns to Team after a long awaited hiatus. Homeostasis is restored. Like the Titanic, Casey puts his children first and is an unsinkable asset to our family. He brings to the team a passion for combustion, a two-page telegram of experience, and he has Tom and Hunter worried about how he will make them look on the squash court (basketball). Now lets crank it up to 23 knots!


Bryer Pingel

Sales Professional

Bryer has been intertwined with the powersports and Team Winnebagoland family since he bought his first bike from Casey back in 2009. Since then he's owned a Polaris General, a couple snowmobiles, and now he is the proud owner of a 2020 Polaris RZR 4 PRO XP Ultimate - which his whole family can enjoy.


Alex Gilbert

Sales Professional

Alex enjoys powersports and long walks on the beach. He is single and ready to mingle; and ready to get you in a new unit today!


Chad Campbell

Sales Professional

Chad is the guy with a beard and a plan! Coming from our Marine Store, Chad has been able to help customers with any questions they may have! Stop in with questions and leave with a smile from all Chads "dad jokes!"



Ashlee Schuh

Parts Manager

Everybody's favorite! She eats potatoes out of a can, tracks deer for her husband, and never passes up an opportunity to join in on the fun. She has two future Winnebagolanders of her own at home but still finds time to make loyal customers on the daily.


Cole Bosquez

Parts Specialist

We welcome Cole into the shipping & receiving role after he spent the last 7 years running and managing a restaurant up in Fremont, Wisconsin! Though shipping & receiving can be a beast in itself, we know that running a restaurant is no small task - so you should fit right in! In Cole's free time he is the lead guitarist for the wedding/jam band 'Spicy Tie", as well as an established solo career. Next time you stop into Team, say hello to Cole and maybe he'll sing you a song.


Cameron Parish

Parts Specialist

Dubbed the fastest mouse click of the west, Cameron joins our team fresh off of graduating with a degree in Business Management. In his free time, Cam enjoys an ice cold White Claw with his dudes and insists there "ain't no laws when you're drinkin' claws". His mild mannered personality and stunning smile behind the parts counter brightens up everyone's day as soon as you walk in the door.


Dylan Hinkley

Parts Specialist

With over 6+ years in the powersports industry, we know Dylan will fit in perfectly. If you see a guy on a sport quad on the trails this summer, it might just be Dylan!


Ryan Betters

Parts Specialist

Ryan makes his return to the promised land of Team Winnebagoland after a short absence from his stint here in the early 2000's. When Ryan isn't gracing the people with his neverending encyclopedia of powersports knowledge, he plays super-dad to a family of six (count em', we said six) kids. Come test his knowledge, we bet you can't stump him!


Stacey Biesterreld

Gear and Apparel Specialist

This super-mom of 2 has was raised on the farm and has been riding in machines for a long as she can remember. When her and her family aren't tearing it up on dirt bikes, she's a wizard at painting nails and can also lay down a perfect tig weld. Stacy is going to be our new apparel assassin where she's going to absolutely kill it!



Bill Kerkhof AKA Curly

Building Manager

Curly is an artist. When someone has a vision around here, Curly is the one who has to make it happen and somehow he always does. He has some of the best stories in the store but most of them aren't appropriate for this bio. When he isn't here he might be volunteer fire-fighting or camping lakeside.


Carter Martel

Service Technician

From Lot Technician to Service Technician, Carter has done it all! He is making our new and used inventory spectacular when it hits the showroom floor!


Clayton Zink

Service Adviser

Clayton used to live in central Florida but now his lives at the service counter spouting jokes as you walk by. His accent makes the blow of a broken machine a little less painful and for that we love him. If you want to make him laugh have a South Park joke ready before you get to the counter and you're golden. Give Clayton a call to get a quote on anything that may be wrong with your bike, ATV, UTV, or snowmobile!


Conner Van Zeeland

Service Writer

Condor The Terrible A.K.A Old Reliable A.K.A Johnny Appleseed has been with us since 2014. He adds value to our little organization with a positive attitude and a steel trap for a brain. His ambition is second to none and if you see his face at the service counter you know you are in good hands.


Chris O'bright

Service Specialist

Chris is the man with a plan! He's all service when it comes to parts and equipment needed for you to get on the trails!


Dan Briggs

Service Technician

Dan Briggs is a service ace with motorcycles in his veins. Like most of the service team, he likes old bikes that only work because he told them to and he has a sense of humor that reinforces our love of working at Team.


Derek Pope

Service Technician

Powersports and photo bombs come as second nature to Derek. He is the youngest member of the Team but not the least experienced. He started with us as a lot tech and now he is one of the only people I trust fixing my stuff.


Dennis Heenan - Buzz

Vehicle Orientation Specialist

Buzz is the guy that shows you all the things other dealers won't before you take your machine home. He has a reputation for being off the wall but I figured him out... The guy is a genius. He is the fastest man on a snowmobile, loves hunting and fishing with his kids, and rocks a Buick Grand National like a boss.


Jack Krueger

Service Technician

When we found Jack on the side of the ATV trail (sort of) we didn't realize he was actually the one doing us a favor! With many years of off-road experience and a heart of gold, Jack is like Picasso with a wrench. When he isn't raising UTVs on his lift you might find him at home raising his family!


Jon Nelson

Service Porter

John is here to make everything run smoothly for the customer and the staff! He is the first in line to get our staff running smoothly with the amount of units coming in and out of the shop!


John Fine

IT, Contracting, Property Manager

John does the things that no one else can. Whether it be contracting our boat dealership or creating an invaluable flow chart for our service team, he is probably our greatest asset. When he isn't facilitating the impossible you might find him working in the shop on a top secret obscure project or daydreaming about his days at the drag strip.


Mike Mortenson

Service Technician

We call him Smiley Mike because of the face he puts on his victims after he works on their machines. As an Oshkosh native and a two-time Team Winnebagoland employee, he is one of our greatest assets. He fits right in behind the service doors because of the 1970s motorcycle in his garage and his malleable sense of humor.


Justin Reinl

Service Manager

Justin is our fearless leader in the Service department. He is always calm under pressure and we think it might have something to do with his status as a triathlete, but who's counting. Justin is into motorcycles, has been with us since 2012, and is always planning a head.


Ryan Glover

Service Technician

Ryan Glover competes against the best Yamaha technicians in the country. Literally. They have a competition. We give him the tough jobs because, well, he's Glover.



Rachel Van Mun


Rachel is a golden crutch that we lean on for support. She plays it cool but it is obvious that she wants the best for all of us and when she isn't reminding us that it is month-end she might be fishing, gardening, running 10 miles, or taking care of her family with the same attention to detail that she does for us.


Erin Reilly

Finance Manager

With more than ten years of experience babysitting us, Erin can do any job in the store and is constantly being bugged for help in all departments. You wouldn't know it by looking at her but she is a metal head, a mom of two, and a wife of one. Whether it be motorcycles or side by sides, she can show you a thing or three.


Tim Walter

Finance Specialist

Tim began his Team Winnebagoland life in October of 2017. He loves 90s music, helping people realize their dreams on a side by side, and his daughter, not necessarily in that order.


Jordan Devalk


Jordan started with us a service writer and transitioned to sales in January of 2018. He knows the store in and out and enjoys skiing, off-roading, and pulling over so I can sync my phone to his Chevy. Word of the street is that he also pretty good on the farming simulator.



Tom Van Zeeland


Tom is the anchor that keeps us all together and the captain that keeps us on the right track. He is a bottomless pit of priceless advice (and jokes) and always puts us before himself which is why we make him sit in the chair. He has bled black and green his whole life but has only been getting paid for it since 1993. Somewhere in there he traded his Ninja for a RZR 4, probably when his son was born.


Hunter Neuens

Used Buyer

Putting a new spin on Hunter safety, Hunter wears his DOT-Approved off-road helmet on the street! When he isn't downtown repping his Bonneville Bobber you might find him mumbling a Young Thug song or relaxing on a beach in Oahu.


Matt Bohn

WORHEAD - Event Manager

Matt is spearheading our all new WORHEAD events from start to finish! Catch him on the trails in one of his many RZR units! See you on our next ride!


Chase Larson

Marketing Manager

Chase is always excited to help! Working behind the scenes he is creating marketing campaigns that everyone can enjoy!